We are specialized in

Investments & Development

Compare returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

We are specialized in

Anaylsis & Evaluation

One of the most topical areas for investors is property analysis and the evaluation of counterparty strength.

We are specialized in

Investments & Management

Arweqah can help you obtain best possible value and service from your investment manager.

Project Management

Project management combine together all activities on a specific project. A project may be well designed and effectively financed, the contracts may be carefully written, contractors and labors can be extremely experienced. But if all aspects of the project are not well integrated and managed, it may be exhausted wrongly , over budget, or don't meet quality requirements. Arweqah is a professional company in project management, with experience on most of the engineering and construction business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Using a well experienced talents in their field, Arweqah can provide the best project management services for our clients. Wither it was an industrial or residential projects, Arweqah will make sure to manage and deliver our clients project with the best available techniques and qualities. We are also experts at helping companies into finding a new opportunities from the far east markets. Arweqah with its International affiliates, partnerships, and connections is capable of overcoming any obstacles during negotiation period or in the process of finding new partners for our clients.